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I think it’s time I write about books.

Book are, to me, exactly like excursions overseas. My blog covers ‘travel and books’, but in reality, I really only post about travel, since both topics have almost reached a point of synonymy for me. And due to my abounding love for writing about travel, it’s only fitting that I can never write ad nauseam when it comes to books either.

Blah, blah, blah, aren’t I fascinating.

This week, I stopped by a local library book sale. It was a Sunday, and three dollars got you a large paper sack (or Trader Joe’s bag) full of books. The sale started at 12:00 and I got there at 12:45. One would think that such a short amount of time would rather insignificantly dent, if at all, the collection being sold. How wrong I was! How dreadfully, dismally, despondently wrong I was! The dent, however gargantuan, did, fortunately, not affect my purchases too considerably. I still was able to pick up a couple books, some of which I’d like to share with you.

No. 1 – Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

IMG_2920One of the first books that caught my sight is this copy of Rebecca. I was unconcerned about the age of the book, but when glancing at it today, I noticed that this copy is from 1938, the very year Rebecca was first printed. Though I’m not an expert in collecting books, I have come to learn that this book is not a first edition since the inside flap calls it a ‘book club edition’. After some research (about ten minutes on Google – unfortunately, our copies of the Encyclopedia Britannica are of no use in this field), I learned that book club editions, or, BCE’s (as the fancy collectors like to say) are usually not worth much at all.
IMG_2923Despite it’s lack of value, I still think the fact that the book was printed during the author’s lifetime is simply enchanting. Not only is this book a vintage treasure, but it is also a novel that I can’t wait to dive into!

No. 2 – Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak


This book likens to a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

Okay, maybe I’m being a little too dramatic, but really, I wasn’t thrilled beyond belief when I purchased this thick novel.

It was my mother who found this book and showed it to me. Previously, I had only heard of the movie and I had the soundtrack on a record at home. But I had never thought Doctor Zhivago was a book! In truth, I don’t think I would have ever thought to even find out if such a book existed, since I’m not sure that the story itself is screaming, “EXCITING!!!” to me.

But now, as I gaze at this volume beside me, I’m grateful that I purchased it. The copy I now own is, according to my research, a first edition! Though I’m not exactly animatedly anticipating cracking open this large book, I’m sure that doing so will lead me on a new adventure.

No. 3 – Famous Prefaces – A Harvard Classic


The last book I purchased at the library sale is this compilation of prefaces from celebrated works such as The Canterbury Tales and Cromwell.

As soon as my eyes alighted upon this book, I saw, in my mind’s eye, a grand library (like the Long Room in Trinity College library as shown in my header image). I’m not sure exactly why this book reminded me of old, musty volumes and yellowed pages. Maybe it was the color, or the golden detail, or the crisp pages (the book is from 1938). Whatever the book evoked was enough for me to snatch it up and hold it tight. I don’t think this is a book like Rebecca, a book that I’ll read, finish, and then put away for a year. I’m pretty certain that this is a book I’ll make room for on my nightstand (much to my mother’s horror, I assure you) so that I can flip through it on nights when sleep is slow to come.

Now, I decided to throw some books I borrowed from the library into this haul….

No. 4 – The Scarlet Pimpernel, Sir Percy Leads the Band, and The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel

By Baroness Emma Orczy


The Scarlet Pimpernel is one of my most beloved books. I don’t own it, and it’s been quite a while since I last read it, so when I stopped by the library, I thought I’d just pick it up. The other books in the Scarlet Pimpernel series were not so easy to get. I had to inter-library loan them towns located hours away. Though all the books look pretty old, only one dates as far back as 1936. But the date doesn’t (shouldn’t) matter – I’m just extremely excited to read the story!

No. 5 – Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein and The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan


Since everybody and their cat (Rumi reference) has already read both these books, I thought I’d just lump them together into one picture. Though these books came out a while ago, I still haven’t gotten around to reading them. So, before the summer ends and before I must accept the grueling months ahead, I hope to set out on the journeys that Mr. Riordan and Mrs. Wein have prepared for me!

With that, I conclude my book haul!

I know not all of the books were ancient, gold-dusted volumes, but they’re all novel (ha, ha, ha, I’m hilarious) to me, and I can’t wait to dig into them! That being said, you’ll probably see many of these books in my ‘What’s on My Bookshelf’ posts once I’ve read them!

Thank you for reading!


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