Library Sale Book Finds

Ciao! Last weekend, my family and I headed off towards our usual book-sale haunt at a nearby library. Since the last sale, we've had the chance to volunteer - by which I mean straightening books and kind of sort of really shopping at the same time. It's wonderful; you get volunteer hours and feel as [...]

Edinburgh’s Top 10

As I've said many times before, Edinburgh is one of those towns where one can easily never get bored. It's packed with museums and galleries and historic closes, and if you decide to go, it would be a terrible idea to purchase tickets to Edinburgh but not plan out your stay. We visited this beautiful [...]

Review: Mrs. Dalloway

This day, this cloudy March day, is one of great victory. I, Sara, have finally completed Mrs. Dalloway. I'd like you note that I started this book early in February, read seven pages, then left it on a table in my house until two nights ago. Are you impressed? No? What if I told you [...]