Summertime Micro-Adventures: The Book Room and 5 a.m. Photo Shoots

Good Afternoon!

It’s a hot, cloudy day outside a.k.a. the perfect time to sit down and type out a blog post! I thought it’s about time that I tell you all about the ‘adventures’ I’ve had since my post early last month on what I was planning on doing this summer. Now, I put the word adventures in quotations because I have a very…unique sense of the word. I don’t want to go into exactly what I view as an adventure because not only would that take up about seven verbose paragraphs overflowing with adjectives, but it would also absorb a great deal of time.

A quick comment on last month’s post: everything I proposed was a wonderful, in my opinion, way to spend my summer. However, I wasn’t factoring in the amount of studying necessary in these few months, so I haven’t been able to pursue too many of my notions with the zest of a truly unfettered adventurer. So if my ‘adventures’ seem a little hastened and minute, realize they have not exactly been at the top of my list this summer.  ☀️

One of the first activities I was occupied with this summer was volunteering at my local high school’s library. I was only there a couple times – about four or five hours each time – and though it was tedious work, I immensely enjoyed it. My first day, I was given a computer and a scanner and was responsible for inventory. All I had to do was go down long rows of bookshelves, scanning each and every one. At first it was amazing. Then it became super stuffy and warm among the stacks of books. And after that I realized that my hands had become uncomfortably grimy. My back and arms began to ache… There were so many books I came across that made me wonder: How did this book get published and who reads it?

I came across some interesting vandalism:

The second time around, I was led to the ‘Book Room’ a room I never knew existed. As soon as I walked it, I breathed in dusty air and couldn’t imagine a more wondrous room. The walls were lined with stacks upon stacks of books – yes, they were books for English classes and not incredibly enticing, but they were still beautiful. The Book Room was one of those places you only see in movies or can imagine from descriptions in books. I would never enter this room alone, however, because the door locks when it closes and it is rather eerie inside when you’re all by yourself.

Here too, I was responsible for taking inventory, but working in this area instead of the main library was much more enjoyable. The one down-side to the book room was the fact that it was a cemetery for a wide range of insects as well as a dust farm.

This is adventure is perhaps a stretch, but I’m including it anyway.

This summer, I rediscovered my love for star-gazing apps such as SkyMap. During June, I would stay up for most of the night, and would often go out to our deck and simply sit there, gazing up at the stars I could see. It was amazing that many planets were visible to the eye during June, and I would often lay on my deck, staring at Mars or Jupiter.

One morning, as I was watching the sunset, I glimpsed the moon and Venus together in the sky and slipped outside. Being outside so early in the morning, serenaded by birds, is remarkably special, and I realized that I ought to go on these solitary excursions more often. The clean, fresh morning air is such a necessity, but you don’t fully realize that until you breathe it in.

I turned a year older this month! (the audience applauds)

I had a wonderful birthday-celebration-experience. I went out with friends, got a ridiculously fabulous birthday package from my pen-pal-BFF, and had a cozy lunch with my family.

The day after my birthday, we were having some family friends over, and we ordered my birthday cake. Because I have to be ‘that girl’, I told the baker at Whole Foods to write ‘May the Force Be With You, Sara!’ instead of ‘Happy Birthday!’ I was pleased with the end result – the Star Wars adage was very necessary. ‘Happy Birthday’ isn’t terrible, but it’s not…eccentric enough, right? Anyway, the cake was perfect and I also (again, because I have to be ‘that girl’) played Star Wars records while eating it. 👏🎵

This ‘adventure’ is also a little bit of a stretch, but who cares.


And that is all I have for you today! Three ‘adventures’, two of which are a pretty long stretch. But it’s okay; to me they were adventurous enough.

I hope you all are having a wonderfully adventurous summer!

Happy Day!


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  1. ahhh just read this! I’m such a creeper, honestly. I really like this post…May do something similar on my blog iA. I plan to do a lot of writing today!
    ps. I got a mention on your bLOG!!!! I’m so happy you thought your bday package was ridiculously fabulous! Just like you, girl!

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