Summertime Adventures

Summer is upon us, and for the first time in a while, I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere in the next few months. It’s undeniably normal not to travel every summer – even so, I feel a little despondent. But don’t worry. I will be okay, because I have been compiling a list of DIAH adventures. DIAH stands for: do-it-at-home.

Yes. I actually made that up. Mind you, it’s four in the morning, and despite the little voice in my head urging me that this is not the right time for a blog post, I forge on.

As I was saying: I felt a little downtrodden at first, but realized that there is a wealth of adventures simply waiting to happen here at home and that I don’t need a plane ticket to necessarily enjoy my summer.

1. Vegetable Garden

My family and I try to nurture a vegetable garden every year, but this year, I shall attack the venture with more zest than usual. We are trying out two new vegetables (new for us, not new to the vegetable-world): bell peppers and zucchini.

Not only do vegetable gardens allow you the opportunity to decrease your carbon footprint and increase your own overall health (plant organic seeds, everyone!), but they also make you feel like a parent. And don’t we all want to feel like parents. Okay – that makes no sense. But as I said, I am forging on.

If it isn’t too late for your region, start a garden (if you haven’t already!) and let me know what you’re planting! Gardens create work for you to do – they force you to venture out of doors and into nature, and you end up sticking your hands in a whole lot of dirt, which is actually very good for you!

2. Estate Sales

By now you all must know that I have a special place in my heart for estate sales. Summer is prime estate-sale time, so I’m hoping to be able to drive around my area and check out a few places. But before I do so, I’ll probably have to set a purchase-limit. I honestly don’t have room for many more things.

3. Books

By far, the biggest adventure you can have aside from actually vacationing is reading. A good book is one that transports you somewhere and succeeds in giving you an experience. I hope to write a blog post soon on wondrous books I’ve read for you all to check out if you are interested.

I signed myself up for the Goodreads Summer Reading Challenge, but I’m not exactly sure how many books I want to read this summer just yet.

4. Writing

I hate feeling as though I’ve wasted time. For that reason, I’m going to try to improve my writing this summer by writing. You heard me right! Famous authors often say that the key to writing well is writing a lot, so I am going to try to write a lot. That writing will take on the form of numerous blog posts and other little bits and bobs that I come across.

Since I’m not exactly looking at a very structured summer, I’m going to try to write ‘Everyday Adventure’ posts on little adventures every so often. And since I’m planning on reading more, you’ll probably see quite a few book review posts.

5. Learning

This point reinforces my last one about not wasting time this summer;I want to learn. Perhaps some of that learning will take place in my garden, perhaps some will occur in my reading, and some more will happen through volunteer work or other little activities I pick up during the course of the next few months.

So far, those are the only plans I have. But I do have a habit of adding on activities as the weeks go by, so I might update this post.

Comment below if you are traveling this summer or, if you aren’t, give me an idea of your plans for the next few months!

I am off to bed now! šŸ˜“

Happy Day!



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