Estate Sale Adventure


I’m thrilled to be typing this post right now, because I’m documenting my first experience at an estate sale. This primary estate sale excursion was wonderful, and I found plenty of treasures at amazing prices.

To be completely honest, though, there was one detail that placed a damper over my excitement; the sale was either the result of somebody’s passing or somebody being very ill. After making my purchases and returning home, I felt strange. I had just walked through an individual’s halls without their direct permission and now I possessed some of their belongings. But that’s the way of the world, right? People come and go, leaving their belongings behind to be cared for by others. It’s funny how I love old books and until this moment, hadn’t really pondered over who owned them before me, and what part I was to play in the books’ ‘lives’.

Okay, enough of that. I could go on forever and weary you all to tears, so let me just tell you about what I found.

My purchases consist of books and….another typewriter. Yes, another typewriter. (sigh).

# 1:  A Tale of Two Cities – by Charles Dickens


This small volume is a 1915 Macmillian’s Pocket American and English Classics edition of one of Charles Dickens’ most celebrated works. Though this book is quite scruffy looking on the outside (the previous owner took great care in imprinting their initials all over it), it’s quite tidy on the inside.


The only disadvantage to this copy is that it is “edited for use in elementary and secondary schools”. I haven’t read A Tale of Two Cities before, so I wouldn’t know to what extent this edition has been edited.

# 2: The Dana Girls Mystery Stories : The Secret of the Jade Ring –  by Carolyn Keene


Published in 1953, this book isn’t too antiquarian. Despite this, my family and I eagerly snatched up this volume. We’re all Nancy Drew fans, and never knew that ‘Carolyn Keene’ had written any other books.


# 3: Nancy Drew : The Bungalow Mystery – by Carolyn Keene


If my calculations are correct, this 1930 edition of The Bungalow Mystery is, in fact, a first edition! As I have mentioned before, my family and I are all fans of Nancy Drew mysteries, and finding this book was a treat!

Though the binding is falling off (I have to learn more about caring for my darling books!), the book is in wonderful condition and even came with it’s paper cover. However, the cover is torn up and can’t be fitted around the book anymore.

# 4: First Year Latin – Collar and Daniell


Latin students tend to be rather protective over the language, as it is subject to a fair amount of marginalization in parts of the academic world. Being a Latin student myself, finding this 1901 volume was thrilling, since it’s rare that I ever find Latin-related books that also happen to be period pieces. img_3541

# 5: A 1957 Royal Aristocrat Typewriter


I’m not sure which of my purchases from this estate sale was more exhilarating to find: the Latin book, or the typewriter.

I mentioned earlier that I already have a typewriter, and I do. But seeing this one in such wonderful condition, I couldn’t…help myself? Ugh, I sound so pathetic, but it’s true. My other typewriter is in great need of tuning and though this one doesn’t work perfectly, it’s much better.

And…that’s it! I approached the estate sale with very low expectations and left it with five marvelous pieces. The books look lovely on my bookshelf, and the typewriter…well, I need to find it a nice, tidy corner.

Thank you for reading!

Happy Day!


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  1. You have a typewriter??!!! I didn’t know! I want one, too. My mom loves going to estate sales but I…am not interested…It is very creepy to walk through the empty halls of a house when you know that the house has seen love and happy days and people fight and make up and LIVE! I’m rambling, my bad! Lovely post!

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