Library Sale Book Finds

Ciao! Last weekend, my family and I headed off towards our usual book-sale haunt at a nearby library. Since the last sale, we've had the chance to volunteer - by which I mean straightening books and kind of sort of really shopping at the same time. It's wonderful; you get volunteer hours and feel as [...]

Review: Mrs. Dalloway

This day, this cloudy March day, is one of great victory. I, Sara, have finally completed Mrs. Dalloway. I'd like you note that I started this book early in February, read seven pages, then left it on a table in my house until two nights ago. Are you impressed? No? What if I told you [...]

Review: Utopia

Hello everyone! Okay, so I've been putting off this post for a good while because...well...I literally didn't finish Utopia until last night. I started it ages ago, and then left fifty pages for who-knows-what. My goodness. I'm in this weird slump where I always leave a book without having read the last fifty pages or [...]

Review : Moo by Sharon Creech

  Sharon Creech just might be one of my favorite authors. Her novels fall mainly into the middle-grade category, but everybody can and should read them. It's been a while since Mrs. Creech has published a book, so I was very excited when I heard about Moo. When I finally picked up the book from [...]